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 About Us

Who is I‑PAY?

I‑PAY is a UK payroll bureau service and has been appointed by your employer to provide payroll processing services. I-PAY provides this employee portal for secure access to your payslips and other documents.

What about security?

Your payroll documents are stored securely with dual-layer encryption at UK-based and UK GDPR compliant data-centres. This website uses SSL security. Emails, links and one-time-passcodes will always be sent from the i‑ domain. We will never contact you to ask for passwords or passcodes. See Terms and Privacy Policy links at the bottom of this page.

 Account / Log In

I forgot my password

From the log in page click the 'Forgot Password?' button and provide your email address. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

How can I change my password?

We recommend you change your password from the initial temporary password that was emailed to you, and at regular intervals. To change your password log in and click on 'Settings', or follow the forgotten password instructions.

How can I change my email address (username)?

You can change your email address (which is your username) at any time on the Settings page. A code will be sent to the new email address to confirm it's yours.

My account has been suspended

Your employer may have temporarily or permanently suspended your account, blocking access. This could be for a number of security reasons. If you believe this is an error please contact your employer. (I‑PAY cannot reverse suspensions.)

I no longer have access to the company email address (Leaver)

When you become a leaver you may not have access to your company email address which is your Employee Portal username and where the log in one-time-passcodes are sent. Your employer will provide temporary access by changing your username to a personal email address. They will ask you for an email address or you can provide them with one in advance. When this has been set up you will receive an email confirming the new username. When your P45 is ready you will be notified that you have 30 days remaining in which to download your payslips and payroll documents.


PDF documents

All documents (payslips, P60, P11D etc.) are PDF documents which you can view in the browser or download to save and print.


When you view a document a 'Download' link is availble so that you can save a copy locally on your device or computer. For leavers - when your P45 document is ready you will receive a notification that you have 30 days Employee Portal access remaining. During this time you should download any of the PDF payslips and documents you wish to keep. We recommend you download them all for your records.


You can view all payslips that have been added since the launch of the Employee Portal (Sept 2023). For earlier payslips refer to the original emails sent in those periods.


You receive one P60 report at the end of each tax year, if you are employed on 5th April. P60 shows your total gross pay and total tax paid for that year. If you leave this employment before 5th April you will receive a P45 and will not receive a P60 also.


If you receive certain benefits-in-kind or expenses that require reporting on P11D this document will be available by 6th July each year. If benefits are taxable HMRC will collect the tax due by changing your tax code. This usually happens in August/September after the P11Ds have been submitted.


Leavers receive a P45 showing their tax code, gross pay and tax paid up to their leave date. Leavers do not receive a P60 at year end. See the 'Downloading' box.


I have a payslip/document query

Please contact your employer. They will answer your query directly or contact I‑PAY for support. Please note I‑PAY will not discuss payroll or employee details directly with employees.

Other technical issues

For website technical issues submit a ticket and we will look into the issue. You will get a response from I‑PAY or from your employer once the issue has been investigated.